An independent affiliate of C-TAC, Respecting Choices® is an internationally recognized, evidence-based model of advance care planning (ACP) that creates a healthcare culture of person-centered care—care that honors an individual’s goals and values for current and future healthcare.

In 1999, RC launched the national platform of this comprehensive program with the tagline “An Advance Care Planning System that Works.”

This branding as an “advance care planning” (ACP) program didn’t fully represent the outcomes that were achieved.

To more accurately capture the RC mission and approach, the branding was revised in 2016 to “A System for Person-Centered Decision Making that Transforms Healthcare.”

RC’s goal is to design a system of person-centered care that is guided by the best scientific evidence and is aligned with an individual’s goals and values.

This system requires a shared decision-making process that involves respectful interaction among providers, individuals, and families, and keeps the focus of planning on what matters most to each and every person for any healthcare decision.

RC offers organizations and communities a wide-ranging menu of implementation services that can begin with one stage of planning (First Steps®, Next Steps, or Last Steps®), Shared Decision Making in Serious Illness (SDMSI), or the creation of a plan for implementation of multiple services over time. These implementation services are intended for large and small health systems, individual health organizations, and conveners (such as community groups and medical associations). RC implementation services include a core set of principles that are customizable to each unique customer.