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About C-TAC

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Building a Movement to Change the Way America Treats Our Seriously Ill

Learn more about what C-TAC is working on, how it’s going, and how you can be involved.

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Our Guiding Principles

As C-TAC works to transform advanced illness care in the U.S., the Coalition is united by six principles. These principles gauge our efforts in ensuring that you and your loved ones are empowered to make your own decisions, that you do so with trusted health care providers, and that you have access to a comprehensive set of health care and social services that reflect your wishes and values and honor your dignity.

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A Roadmap for Success: Transforming Advanced Illness Care in America

A new book “A Roadmap for Success: Transforming Advanced Illness Care in America”, produced by C-TAC and co-sponsored by the American Hospital Association and AARP, is now available in print and online. The Roadmap serves as a field guide for transforming advanced illness care in the United States by outlining the current landscape of advanced illness care and identifying action steps for achieving high-quality advanced illness care.

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Facts About Advanced Illness Care

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The Advanced Care Project (ACP) Report

The Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) and the AHIP Foundation have released the findings of the clinical phase of the Advanced Care Project. The Report highlights a framework of clinical best practices that will guide the development of effective care models for those living with advanced illness and their families. 

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Person-Centered Advanced Illness Care Across the Continuum

While there is much talk of “patient-centered care”, the reality is that patients are not at the center of the current health care system. New care delivery and payment models promoted by healthcare reform focus on better care coordination and integration, but few include what most people with advanced illness say are important: their families/caregivers, faith and other communities, and social services. This paper proposes a pathway, the C-TAC Advanced Care Model (ACM), as a framework for stakeholders (including health care providers, plans, and community-based organizations) as they wade through the plethora of new practices, policy options, and payment models for addressing advanced illness in a more holistic and patient-centered way. It will also review experience with Community Action Models that, ultimately combined with the ACM, could extend the care support network well beyond the traditional healthcare system.

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C-TAC Consumer Perceptions Paper

Go in-depth with C-TAC to better understand one of the biggest barriers we face. Public Perceptions of Advanced Illness Care: How Can We Talk When There’s No Shared Language explores the communications gap between patients and family members and the healthcare providers they rely on when they are sickest and most vulnerable.

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Implementing Decision Making Resources for Serious Illness

Go in-depth with C-TAC and Advisory Board to better understand resources available to increase shared decision making. Implementing Decision Making Resources for Serious Illness explores best practices for incorporating end-of-life decision aids into health care provider settings.

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Key Statistics

Get the latest statistics and key facts about advanced illness care in the United States.

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Employer Checklist

During advanced illness, employees and employee caregivers have significant needs, including planning for a health crisis, caregiving, and support for grief and bereavement.  The Checklist for Employers puts forward four categories of action items your organization can use to assist employee caregivers.

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Policy Agenda

Review C-TAC’s policy agenda and how the Coalition is advocating for high-quality, person-centered advanced care at federal and local levels. Using the guidance, feedback, and combined expertise of dozens of experts, thought leaders, and C-TAC member organizations, we have further refined and developed the Agenda and are pleased to present the document in its final form. Moving forward in 2015, the Policy Agenda will help direct our advocacy efforts as a coalition and will be continuously revised and renewed as findings from priority projects such as the Advanced Care Project (ACP) and the Community Action Project (CAP) are released.

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Policy Compendium

C-TAC’s Policy Compendium is a review of federal policy proposals aimed at improving care for people with advanced illness and providing support for those who care for them.

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C-TAC FAQ on CPT Codes.

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Institute of Medicine

The report by the Institute of Medicine, Dying in America: Improving Quality and Honoring Individual Preferences Near the End of Life, marks a critical milestone in the evolution of how we care for the sickest and most vulnerable people in this country.