Policy & Advocacy


The C-TAC pursues a comprehensive policy agenda to help guide advocacy initiatives, including delivery system reform, preference-driven care, caregiver and consumer support, and professional engagement. We will continue to pursue both legislative and regulatory strategies on both the federal and state level with C-TAC members to support a robust advocacy effort, and ensure that those living with advanced illness have access to high-quality, person- and family-centered care. Our principal goal in our advocacy efforts is a Medicare payment demonstration for an advanced illness care model.

C-TAC advocates for a comprehensive policy agenda that includes detailed provisions for ensuring high-quality person-centered care at the local, state, and federal levels. Building on the guidance, feedback, and combined expertise of dozens of experts, thought leaders, and C-TAC member organizations, we have further refined and developed the agenda.

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For more information about C-TAC's policy and advocacy activities, please contact Andrew MacPherson at AMacPherson@thectac.org.