C-TAC Member Instructions for Online Bill Pay

Member 1

Step 1:

Proceed to www.thectac.org and click “Member Login” (boxed in red)

Member 2

Step 2:

If you’ve never logged into the C-TAC portal before, please click the box highlighted in red, “Click here for login information.”

Member 3

Step 3:

Use your organizational email to reset your password to login to the portal.

Member 4

Step 4:

Once you are logged in to the portal, please click “Profile Update,” (highlighted in the red box).

Member 5

Step 5:

Once you are in Profile Update, you will see the option to view invoices for your organization. Please click “View Invoices” tab. (Highlighted in red box)

Member 6

Step 6:

Once in the invoices section, you will be able to select the current invoices you need to pay. On the portal, you have the option to pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.