Key Initiatives

C-TAC’s key initiatives are geared toward developing and disseminating information on three critical areas in advanced illness treatment: advanced care project, community action project, and public policy and advocacy.

Learn more about each program and find out how to get involved:

 Advanced Care Project (ACP)

The Advanced Care Project, a joint C-TAC/AHIP Foundation initiative, is exploring models of care and payment solutions that are improving quality of care and patient/family satisfaction.

Download Coalition's ACP One-Pager

 Community Action Model

Clergy, community organizations and local health systems are part of C-TAC’s community action project, a partnership model that can improve advanced illness care.

Download Coalition's Community Action Project Fact Sheet

 Policy & Advocacy

Review C-TAC’s policy agenda and how the Coalition is advocating for high-quality, person-centered advanced care at federal and local levels.

Download Coalition's Policy and Advocacy Fact Sheet