Virtual Internship Opportunities

C-TAC proudly offers virtual summer, fall, and spring internships for undergraduate or graduate students. We accept applications from any students currently enrolled in a full-time program. Some features of the internship program are:

  • Mentoring from C-TAC experts
  • Real-world work experiences
  • Meaningful projects
  • Interviewing 101
  • Resume workshop
  • Site visits to local members*
  • Meetings with the executive leadership

*COVID-19 disclaimer: For now, site visits with members are virtual

Opportunities & Positions for Summer 2022

  • Partnerships & Programs Interns
  • Policy Intern
  • Communications & Digital Marketing Intern

Getting Started

We are really excited about your interest in joining C-TAC's internship program. C-TAC is dedicated to the ideal that all Americans with advanced illness receive comprehensive, high-quality, person- and family-centered care that is consistent with their goals and values and honors their dignity. This experience would be a perfect opportunity for those interested in philanthropy, policy, healthcare, and the nonprofit sector.


To be considered for the role, please send a cover letter explaining your current experience, and why you are interested in C-TAC, with your resume to Luke Scuitto, Partnership Associate Director, at with “C-TAC Internship Opportunity” in the subject line.


In regards to the interviewing process, if your application matches what we are seeking, we will reach out to you via email or phone about coordinating a zoom interview which would be facilitated with Luke.


Within ten days, C-TAC will reach out to you to follow up on the interview and your application status.


If you are selected, you will be sent information for your new C-TAC email as well as instructions on how to install our membership software and useful information to help you get more adjusted and prepared for your new role as an intern at C-TAC!

Meet the Intern Alumni

Sabreen Huq

Partnerships and Programs Intern (2021-2022)

My work as a Partnerships and Programs intern at C-TAC has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences in my professional career thus far. Over the last year, I’ve learned about the intersection between between advance care planning, philanthropy, public health policy, finance, and faith, and the ways in which each informs the other, through leading a series of nationwide and local outreach campaigns, fireside chat podcasts, and blog compilations. C-TAC recognized my preliminary interests in healthcare advocacy, justice-minded research, and relationship-building and offered me a comprehensive, immersive, and joyous opportunity to not only find my voice, but the chance to leave my footprint in the healthcare world alongside like-minded peers and colleagues. Pushing me to be creative, stepping out of my comfort zone, and being open-minded to the work and ideas of our diverse membership base, I believe that I have grown as an advocate, business professional, and active thinker. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

The breadth of my distinct experiences, and the numerous connections I have made with interfaith communities, digital health innovators, hospice leaders, and more, have allowed me to develop confidence in the professional sphere of client service, but also acquire a host of transferable skills such as how to champion an organization’s mission/values, how to deduce insights from a plethora of diverse stakeholders, and how to develop and maintain meaningful relationships. C-TAC’s influential work has given me a fresh outlook on healthcare policy, in addition to furthering my ambition for amplifying the voices of underserved communities. As the next generation of healthcare leaders and professionals, this opportunity provided me the tools I need to achieve tangible change, meet equity-driven goals, and inspire others to do the same. 


Neharika Singh 

Partnerships and Programs Intern (Summer 2021)

Throughout my time at C-TAC, I was able to increase my understanding of how healthcare policy is formed, advocated for, and implemented to improve patient experiences and create a sense of empowerment for patients and their families. Through meeting with executives from a diverse group of healthcare organizations and stakeholders, ranging from faith leaders, hospice centers, insurance providers, digital health innovators, hospital systems, and pediatric palliative care centers, I was exposed to the ways in which current regulations can promote best practices for some populations while limiting the quality and access to care for underserved populations. My experiences working with C-TAC allowed me to form a more holistic perspective on the multidimensional aspect of healthcare and healthcare policy. I have been a direct witness to the inspirational strides being made through increased engagement of interfaith communities, healthcare organizations, and state and community workgroups to achieve more equitable and accessible healthcare services for all.

            This internship also served as a wonderful learning environment, which allowed me to further develop leadership skills in professionalism, communication, database organization, project management, and networking. Throughout this internship, I have been given the opportunity to explore my passions of healthcare policy and ethics while also gaining vast exposure into a variety of external fields which heavily impact our healthcare experiences and are largely important in the pursuit to deliver high-quality care for all. I am forever grateful for the diverse experiences, professional training, and close-knit relationships formed throughout my time with C-TAC and hope to continue our work for years to come.


Sarah Davidson

Partnerships and Programs Intern (Summer 2021)

Throughout my time at C-TAC as a Partnerships and Programs intern, I had the opportunity to advance my networking skills, build upon my understanding of the complexities involved in advanced care planning, and gain real-world work experience in public health. I had the opportunity to have conversations with death doulas, pediatric palliative care organizations, volunteers’ hospices, virtual planning organizations, and many more. Through my participation with coalition members and potential partners, I have learned that reforming the health care system is not a simple task. In order to see comprehensive change within the health care system, collaboration and partnership is necessary.  

My opportunity at C-TAC has given me the knowledge and perspective that is crucial when working in public health. I believe that comprehensive change can only happen from a magnitude of different perspectives in order to ensure progress and continue to push for a visible transformation in the health care system. C-TAC’s mission has strengthened my understanding for the complexities involved in public health and advanced care planning. 


Lila Kirchhoff

Partnerships and Programs Intern (Summer 2021)

As a member of the Partnerships and Programs team, I had the unique experience of learning not only about the work C-TAC does to improve advanced illness care, but also the efforts being undergone by so many organizations. I was granted the opportunity to independently research and contact organizations for C-TAC to hopefully work with in the future. Learning about the different approaches that organizations take to achieve a shared goal has taught me so much about the field and the multitude of approaches that can be taken in healthcare reform. This experience increased my already strong interest in healthcare policy, while also opening my eyes to the seemingly limitless impactful work being undergone by so many foundations and non-profit organizations.

I am so grateful for my time interning with C-TAC. Not only have I been able to strengthen skills such as research and professional communication, but I have also been able to learn so much about this field through the team at C-TAC. This team is so helpful with regards to the professional development of interns, which makes for a truly invaluable experience overall. I am so appreciative of all that I have learned at C-TAC this summer, and am excited to bring this knowledge with me moving forward.


Pranjal "PJ" Chandra

Partnerships and Programs Intern (Spring 2021)

As a Partnerships and Programs Intern, I was able to connect and talk to so many different organizations across the country and learn more about different sectors in Health Care. From palliative care, hospice care, and end-of-life planning, I was exposed to so many different areas of health. Additionally, learning more about the intersection of health and finance, health and politics, and health and technology was certainly important and made me realize how important it is to understand the intersection of health and other sectors.

Throughout my time as an intern at C-TAC, I was able to sit in on membership calls, do state research, conduct weekly policy reports, and take part in weekly staff meetings. I truly felt like an employee and I could see tangible results for all the projects that I was assigned. I am truly thankful for this opportunity, the connections I made along the way, and for seeing where life takes me from here.


Pallavi Goel 

Partnerships and Programs Intern (Fall 2020)

Through the Partnerships and Programs internshipI have been able to partake in a variety of experiences at C-TAC. Through engaging with many of C-TAC’s prospective and current members, I have learned the importance of and need for more serious illness work all throughout the United States. Through weekly research, have been able to broaden and deepen my understanding of health inequities and the resulting health disparities, generally and also especially through the lenses of serious illness and COVID-19. And by being part of the C-TAC internship program, I have been able to build strong rapport with everyone on the team. 

 I am really glad to have had this opportunity, as I have been able to help C-TAC work towards its incredibly important mission, and learn so much in the process. I have also been able to improve on and learn skills essential for future academic and professional pursuits. My time at C-TAC has led to a lot of personal growth as well, as it has helped me realize what kind of person I aspire to be. I will never forget my time at C-TAC and hope to always carry the lessons I’ve learned with me. 


Freddy Torres

Partnerships and Programs Intern (Fall 2020)

As Programs and Partnerships intern, I have learned a lot about the broad range of factors surrounding advanced illness care. Through this internship, I have been able to conduct ample research on the array of social inequities that have impacted minority communities’ access to quality end of life care. I have also worked to amplify the Coalition’s network of members and have helped increase student engagement. Working at C-TAC has also taught me a lot about the intersectionality between health care and social inequalities.
I am humbled to have been part of such an amazing group of people working towards health equity in the advanced illness space. Throughout this fall semester, I have met many of C-TAC’s members and engage in meaningful conversations about career aspirations and health inequities. I am truly grateful for all the meaningful skills and connections I will carry with me after this internship.

Ayush Thacker

Partnerships and Programs Intern (Summer/Fall 2020)

As a Partnership and Programs intern working closely with the Interfaith and Diversity Workgroup, I was able to create tangible change to the organization by onboarding new members and participating in the launch of C-TAC's own podcast! Throughout my time at C-TAC, the staff urged me to connect with individuals in a variety of different disciplines to understand the ins and outs of working in healthcare, and I was able to develop relationships with numerous providers, faith leaders, and healthcare professionals as a result. 
I am truly grateful to have been a part of the Fall 2020 intern class as I have further developed my communication skills while creating my own professional network as I embark upon the journey to become a physician. I highly recommend interning with C-TAC if you are interested in any aspect of healthcare to open doors to new perspectives and to develop your understanding of interdisciplinary and patient-centered care. In the end, C-TAC is focused on implementing health policy change while maintaining equity at the center and making sure all humans can maximize their quality of life, and I am appreciative to be a part of an organization that creates concrete social change.


Josh Tabuena 

Partnerships and Programs Intern (Summer 2020)

My work as a Programs and Partnerships intern exposed me to the diversity of individuals and organizations that impact health outcomes for those with advanced illness. This summer I was able to engage with a variety of stakeholders — from massive health systems to community organizations – in all corners of the country. As an intern, I was able to play a meaningful role in building partnerships and working on C-TAC’s events.  

I am grateful for the professional development and networking opportunities during my time at C-TAC, which provided me with an enriching learning experience that helped me to better define my interest in pursuing a career in healthcare. I appreciated the opportunity to work alongside a team of highly motivated interns and passionate staff, who readily adapted to the virtual environment and supported my development as an intern. 

Kacy Ninteau

Policy and Advocacy Intern (Summer 2020)

My internship at C-TAC was an insightful window into the multiple layers of advanced illness care. As the Policy and Advocacy intern, I was able to see how policy shapes clinical and social dimensions of the patient experience. The staff at C-TAC are incredibly attentive to their interns’ professional development. They foster an inclusive environment in which interns are given a seat at the table to contribute ideas and drive the C-TAC mission forward through meaningful projects.

Through this opportunity, I was able to gain a sense of the complex barriers to advance care planning, become a better team member, write blogs about topics I am passionate about, and form connections with professionals in the advanced illness space. Thank you C-TAC for giving me the skills and knowledge I need to continue advocating for high-quality, patient-centered healthcare for all wherever I go.

Kenny Rakwong

Database, Operations, & Research Intern (Spring 2020)

Reflecting on my time at C-TAC, I’m very grateful for the enriching experience to learn about advanced care through an advocacy and policy perspective as well as the opportunity to work on numerous meaningful projects, even ones that directly aided those directed affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To have worked alongside an intelligent and passionate team has taught me a lot about advocating for those with serious illnesses and I will continue to do so even after my time at C-TAC has finished. Thank you C-TAC for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow as a technical professional and comprehensive care advocate.

Qianmo Xing

Database, Operations, & Research Intern (Spring 2020)

It was meaningful to improve myself in data analysis and use my skills to support outreach projects during my internship at C-TAC. I supported C-TAC members who were affected by COVID-19 pandemic, by doing raw data processing, data visualization, and analyzing large data sets.

I learned the core part, advanced care planning, from social media tracking and weekly presentation, with the help of the accommodating team members. Those experiences helped me to learn the basics of data analysis and gave me the opportunity to analyze complex real problems. I will continue to help firms to survive the pandemic after the end of the internship. Thank you C-TAC for offering me extensive experience in data software and members research.

Jina Park 

Development Intern (Summer 2019)

C-TAC taught me multiple different skills from learning about databases to experiencing a congressional hearing and learning more about healthcare policy. The skills and experience you gain are vast and the team you work with is not only kind but also motivated and focused.