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The population is aging rapidly – the number of older Americans will double by 2060. Though Americans are leading healthier and longer lives than ever before, the vast majority will face serious illness at some point. Serious illness involves one or more conditions impacting general health to the point that the effects of curative treatment become limited, and care increasingly becomes focused on quality of life.

Unfortunately, for all its strengths, our healthcare system is not yet equipped to provide such care when people are seriously ill.

People living with serious illness still face challenges like fragmented, siloed systems that result in unnecessary suffering and not getting the care they want when and where they choose.

This is not a problem we can ignore.

In 2017, C-TAC took an important step forward and launched the Campaign, a national movement built on policy change, state and community organizing, and support for family caregivers, to accelerate the movement to transform care for serious illness.

At the launch of the Campaign, C-TAC shared new consumer research, supported by the Cigna Foundation, about family caregivers in America. The research illustrates the alarming state of caregiving in America and pinpoints the top issues faced by caregivers, including emotional and financial burdens. A comprehensive summary of the research can be found here.

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