Welcome to Health & Heart

Welcome to Health & Heart, a podcast that provides spiritual support and encouragement for those facing serious illness, caregivers, and clinicians.

Every episode of Health & Heart features words and wisdom from a faith community leader, especially crafted to help you find peace and inspiration in your serious illness healthcare journey, including people with serious illness and those who care for them. No matter your spiritual belief or identity, these podcasts are meant to offer you different paths toward kindness, peace of mind, and diverse understanding.

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Episode 6: Rabbi Richard Address - Exploring Aging, Illness and Death through Literature

In this episode, Jewish Sacred Aging Founder Rabbi Richard Address discusses two recent books that highlight historical, ethical and spiritual issues of aging, illness and health.

Episode 5: Shannan Hudgins - Accumulated Loss and Sorrow's Demand for Attention

In this episode of Health & Heart, bereavement coordinator Shannan Hudgins reflects on the struggles of accumulated loss during the COVID-19 pandemic and offers guidance for listeners.

Episode 4: Dr. Sheik Hassan - The Concept of Worship in Islam

In this presentation Dr. Hassan briefly presents the concept of worship in Islam, and the fact that we will be tested in many different ways. He also shares a personal event in his life and relates it to statements made by the Prophet Muhammad (Hadith) that sickness expiates sin.

Episode 3: Dr. Carole Ann Drick - The Power of Your Breath

In this episode, advanced practice holistic nurse Dr. Carole Ann Drick shares insights on ”The Power of Your Breath.”

Episode 2: Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson - Grief, Loss, and Grace

In this episode, Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson will be sharing experiences of grief and loss and the amazing Grace of God through them all.

Episode 1: Elder Angela Overton - While I'm Waiting

In this podcast episode, "While I'm Waiting", Elder Angela Overton presents a subjective interpretation of Biblical text in light of COVID-19 and endured suffering amongst marginalized communities.

Join the C-TAC Interfaith Working Group

We welcome all faith and equity leaders interested in serious illness care to join us in community as participants of the C-TAC Interfaith Working Group. To learn more about the workgroup, please write to Elder Angela Overton at AOverton@theCTAC.org and Adriana Krasniansky at AKrasniansky@theCTAC.org.

About the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care

This podcast is produced by C-TAC, or the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care. At C-TAC, we work toward the goal that all Americans with serious illness, especially the sickest and most vulnerable, receive comprehensive, high-quality, person- and family-centered care that is consistent with their goals and values and honors their dignity.