Membership FAQ

What types of organizations join the Coalition?

Our C-TAC is proud to be the major convener and collaborator within the advanced illness care space. As such, membership is both wide and diverse and includes multiple foundations, affinity groups, payers, providers, technology start-ups, for-profits, and health systems. For a full list of current members please click, here.

How do I join the membership?

Joining membership is easy! Please contact C-TAC Partnership Manager, Luke Scuitto, at to schedule an introductory call.

How do I renew membership?

Membership can be renewed both online and through paper mail. For more information please click, here.

How can I connect with another member?

An incredible benefit of being a C-TAC member is the extensive network that is continuously being expanded. If you are a current member, please feel free to contact Luke Scuitto at for more information.