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Emerging Leaders

Julie Benson, MD, on Delivering Rural Palliative Care

Julie Benson’s interest in palliative care began while she was providing care for people in hospice. For Benson, MD, it became clear that people need the services she was providing long before they arrived in hospice. “People have needs well beforehand, whether it’s symptom management or goals of care conversations,” explains Dr. Benson. “My frustration…

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Ryan Van Wert, MD: Driving Advanced Care Innovation

Coming from a background in critical care medicine, Ryan Van Wert, MD, has seen scores of patients receive treatment in intensive care units. Some of those patients, he said, were patients with serious or life-limiting illnesses who may not have wanted aggressive treatment. Dr. Van Wert said that, days after putting a patient on life…

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Jeff Thompson: Leading True

Jeff Thompson, MD, quite literally wrote the book on the leadership.  Dr. Thompson, who currently serves as executive advisor and chief executive officer emeritus of the groundbreaking Gundersen Health System, has a wealth of insight to share on how diverse groups of leaders can thrive and spur positive change through values-based leadership. A selection of…

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Michael Fratkin: Soft Landings

When he was eight years old, Michael Fratkin attended the funeral of his Grandpa Willie. He felt that the person before him did not match his memories of the loved one. It was this childhood experience that led to his interest in the human condition at the end of life. “That was the Rosetta Stone,”…

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Jessica Martinson: Sparking Care Conversations

The 2019 C-TAC Summit will focus on cultivating the next generation of leaders in the advanced care movement. This profile is the latest installment in a series of posts that will highlight emerging leaders in advanced care. Fostering a trusting relationship between patients and providers is key to promoting advance care planning. Ensuring that clinicians…

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