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Aligning Practice with Policy

Aligning Practice with Policy: The Carolinas Center

Forty-three years ago – before Medicare funded hospice as a benefit, before for-profit and non-profit hospice organizations proliferated through the country – a small organization in North Carolina tried to do what it could to make what was available to people in the last stages of life, better. What is now called The Carolinas Center…

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Innovation in Action: Honoring Choices Minnesota

16 times over the past five winters, an unsuspecting person took to a snowmobile or an ATV or a car, drove it onto a frozen Minnesota lake or river, broke through the ice and later died. “I was just watching the news about a horrific snowmobile accident where the passenger on the back of the…

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Aligning Practice with Policy: Sharp HealthCare

The notion of ‘change’ and ‘healthcare’ might seem contradictory to people who believe that change is long overdue in the administration of healthcare. But outcroppings of institutional change are developing at all levels of the U.S. healthcare system. Consider a hospital being seen not as a revenue maker, but as an entity designed to minimize…

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Aligning Practice with Policy: Pima Council on Aging

This is the first installment in a serious of blog posts highlighting advanced illness innovation in action. To check out the latest posts in the series, please click here. His mother was 87 when it happened. Her chest hurt. The pain persisted. He asked her what she wanted for her care: ‘Do you want the…

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