The Campaign to Transform Advanced Care

The population is aging rapidly – the number of older Americans will double by 2060. Though Americans are leading healthier and longer lives than ever before, the vast majority will face advanced illness at some point. Advanced illness involves one or more conditions impacting general health to the point that the effects of curative treatment become limited, and care increasingly becomes focused on quality of life. Unfortunately, for all its strengths, our healthcare system is not yet equipped to provide such care when people are seriously ill.

People living with advanced illness still face challenges like fragmented, siloed systems that result in unnecessary suffering and not getting the care they want when and where they choose.

This is not a problem we can ignore.

That is why C-TAC is taking an important step forward and launching the Campaign to Transform Advanced Care, a national movement built on policy change, state and community organizing, and support for family caregivers, to accelerate the movement to transform advanced illness care.

What Needs to Change

People living with advanced illness still face challenges like fragmented, siloed systems that result in unnecessary suffering and not getting the care they want when and where they choose. There has been progress in the past few years but there is an opportunity now to strengthen and scale successes. Those with advanced illnesses should receive comprehensive, high-quality, person- centered care consistent with their goals and values, and payment systems must encourage coordinated, interdisciplinary care from a range of qualified providers. Furthermore, family caregivers desperately need tools and resources to reduce the burden on them and their loved ones, and care organizations on the ground are not always connected to national resources, information, and tools to support their work.

How to Create Change

The Campaign will focus on the following:

 – Policy and Advocacy –

The Campaign will pursue a comprehensive policy agenda to help guide advocacy initiatives, including delivery system reform, preference-driven care, caregiver and consumer support, and professional engagement. We will pursue both legislative and regulatory strategies on both the federal and state level with C-TAC members to support a robust advocacy effort. Our principal goal in our advocacy efforts is a Medicare payment demonstration for an advanced illness care model.

 – Caregiver Support –

In June 2017, C-TAC will release consumer data on family caregivers that paints a bleak picture of the state of caregiving in America. We will take this work to the next step by surveying the work already being done to support family caregivers and speaking with experts in the field. From this we will develop tools that will provide meaningful impact for loved ones caring for people with advanced illness. Our goal is for family caregivers to be assured of the importance of their work and know that resources are available to them.

– State and Community Coalitions –

This work happens on the ground with people interacting with their clinicians, local health providers, and community institutions. The Campaign will support state and community coalitions to deliver on-the-ground support and provide them with a framework for how to organize. We are focusing this work around state advocacy, increasing advance care planning, reaching new and underserved communities, and implementing our advanced care model in health systems.

Evaluating Progress

We cannot show progress if we cannot measure it. C-TAC is developing an advanced care index to track progress in the movement. The index will include measures from different domains that are agreed upon by experts in the field. This tool will allow the community to monitor success over time, and to focus efforts and resources on the initiatives that will be most effective for improving advanced illness care.

2017 National Summit

Join us from November 27-29 at C-TAC’s National Summit on Advanced Illness Care to hear more about the campaign and progress in the movement.

– Join the Campaign

We need your help to accelerate progress in the movement. Contact Nick Martin at for ways to get involved.

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