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Supporting the Campaign will involve distributing updates on our efforts and announcing upcoming events to your database.

Sample Subject Headers

We recommend the following subject headers for Campaign updates:

  • C-TAC Accelerates the Movement to Transform Advanced Care
  • Campaign to Transform Advanced Care: Accelerating the Movement
  • C-TAC and Partners Launch the Campaign to Transform Advanced Care
  • Seize the moment: the Campaign to Transform Advanced Care takes off

Updates and Information about the Campaign

The Campaign will be an ongoing process demonstrating C-TAC’s pivot from convening to acting, and in order to keep our members and network engaged we will to provide audiences with information on our progress creating change across four main domains: care; cost; caregiving; and community.

Sample text on “the problem”

The population is aging rapidly – the number of older Americans will double by 2060. Though Americans are leading healthier and longer lives than ever before, the vast majority will face advanced illness at some point. Unfortunately, for all its strengths, the healthcare system is not yet equipped to provide such care when people are seriously ill.

Sample text on “what needs to change”

People living with advanced illness stil face challenges like fragmented, siloed systems that result in unnecessary suffering and not getting the care they want when and where they choose. There has been progress in the past few years but there is an opportunity now to strengthen and scale successes. That is why C-TAC launched the Campaign to Transform Advanced Care, a national movement built on policy change, state and community organizing, and support for family caregivers, accelerating the movement to transform advanced care by moving from convening and discussion to action.

Sample text on “how to change it” and pitch for summit attendance

The Campaign to Transform Advanced Care is pursuing a comprehensive policy agenda focused on delivery system reform, preference-driven care, caregiver and consumer support, and professional engagement. By supporting a robust advocacy effort with legislative and regulatory strategies at both state and federal levels, the Campaign aims to establish a Medicare advanced care demonstration through the CMS. Payment is the greatest barrier to providing the care people with advanced illness need; a shift in how we pay for healthcare is thus integral to the national shift from quantity to quality.

In addition, the Campaign recognizes that caregivers are one of the greatest determinants of whether a person receives quality care but they currently labor under a heavy burden. In June 2017, C-TAC – in partnership with the Cigna Foundation – released consumer data which painted an alarming picture of the state of caregiving in America. Using this data as a foundation, the Campaign is focused on developing a positive message for caregivers, strengthening caregiver voices, and providing resources in communities where they are needed most.

Finally, the Campaign’s work cannot happen solely in Washington, DC. It needs to occur on the ground with people interacting with clinicians, local health providers, and community institutions. To achieve success, the Campaign will nurture state and community coalitions to deliver on-the-ground support and offer them frameworks for how to organize effectively. These efforts are focused around state advocacy, increasing access to advance care planning, reaching new and underserved communities, and implementing C-TAC’s advanced care model in health systems.

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Blog Post to Share: Campaign Launch Blog

Sample Twitter Posts

Please feel free to copy and paste the following posts about the Campaign and in the run-up to the summit along with the Brand Assets:

  • Campaign to #TransformAdvancedCare announced by @CTACorg June 28 – learn more at #CTACSummit17
  • Campaign to #TransformAdvancedCare call to action: see progress in the movement at 2017 National Summit # CTACSummit17
  • Proud to join @CTACorg’s Campaign: together we can accelerate the movement to patient-centered care #CTAC2017

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