C-TAC Resources

C-TAC research and resources support the advocacy efforts of the Coalition, our members, and the movement to support people living with serious Illness. Below you will find the latest research and analysis of important and emerging issues in the serious illness care space.

Evaluating Progress

C-TAC has developed the Advanced Care Transformation Index, which measures the quality of serious illness care as we work toward reaching our moonshot goal of ensuring a high quality of life for 12 million people with serious illness by 2030. The ACT Index can also help to generate best practices as leaders on the state level innovate in order to keep up with their counterparts.


Find C-TAC's collection of research and reports here.

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting every aspect of our society, but it has unique implications for the serious illness care movement, as people with serious illness are particularly susceptible to complications from COVID-19. Click here for resources designed to support people with serious illness and their families during this crisis.