Advanced Care Transformation Index: Arizona Coalition to Transform Serious Illness Care

C-TAC is participating in a partnership to leverage the Advanced Care Transformation IndexSM to improve the quality of life for people with serious illness in Arizona. The state is serving as the front line as we strive toward our moonshot goal to ensure that 12 million people living with serious illness have a high quality of life by 2030. We are proud to work alongside the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association and the Arizona End of Life Care Partnership in support of this goal.

In the video on the right, leaders from the Arizona Coalition provide an update on their work and discussed what comes next.

This video was first featured during the 2020 C-TAC Summit. Click here to access our full Summit on-demand.

Discovering Best Practices

C-TAC's Advanced Care Transformation IndexSM showed room for improvement in Arizona on a group of community-focused measures, as well as reducing the time spent in the Intensive Care Unit during the last six months of life. A survey conducted by the Arizona Coalition to Transform Serious Illness Care reported that guidance to shelter in place and socially distance in response to COVID-19 was further hindering access to essential care, resources and supports.

The Arizona Coalition collaborated with Discern Health on a study to determine which community-based services the coalition should pursue to help people with serious illness manage their health conditions and increase the numbers of days at home. The best practices identified in this study led coalition members to recommend the development of a home- and community-based palliative care network, with the goal of helping those facing serious illness to stay at home.

The Arizona Coalition is seeking funding to begin designing the new model including the development of clinical standards and establish value-based payment mechanisms. The design phase will be followed by implementation and evaluation.