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C-TAC Policy Initiatives Supported by a Newly Awarded Grant

Peterson Center on Healthcare

The Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) was recently awarded a grant from the Peterson Center on Healthcare focusing on developing and disseminating recommendations to operationalize Core Principles for Care Models for those experiencing serious illness and their unpaid caregivers across CMS care models. The landscape of the current Administration supports innovative approaches to equity-driven health care and care delivery. C-TAC is continuing to push policy forward that will meet the needs of patients and their caregivers by reviewing care models for best practices and their alignment with C-TAC core principles.

C-TAC is well-positioned to serve as a technical expert to the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) and in support of advances in health care policy. C-TAC’s policy recommendations will feature best practices from existing and emergent care models. By assessing best practices and operationalizing C-TAC core principles, we can ensure health care systems and care models meet patient needs.

We intend those target stakeholders (CMMI, Center for Medicare, Center for Medicaid, and policymakers) will use this resource to implement high-quality serious illness care interventions across current care models and demonstrations. C-TAC will also share selected products for dissemination ahead of the release of the Compendium. We will be working with C-TAC partners to also provide feedback on our care recommendations, strengthening buy-in across the serious illness advocacy community. The Center’s support is instrumental in C-TAC’s strategic plan to reach our 2030 moonshot goal of high quality of life for the 12 million people living with serious illnesses.

Written by Andrew Lozano – C-TAC Communications Specialist

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