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Announcing C-TAC’s Strategic Plan

The day I left the hospital was the scariest day of my life. For the six months prior, the hospital had become my home. I had been diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia and lived in and out of the hospital while enduring the pre and post challenges of an allogeneic bone marrow transplant. As I re-entered the world with my new blood type and immune system, the fear slowly transformed into new feelings of empowerment and my life’s purpose that was now clear. 

From my role as a senior leader in an aging services association to one as a hospice volunteer, C-TAC was destined to be part of my journey to help improve the lives of those with serious illnesses. C-TAC’s patient and family-centered focus resonated deeply with me. I knew I could bring my experience, strengths, and passion to their mission and make an impact. In the past year, we have been working diligently to refocus our work where we could make the most impact with our “small but mighty” staff over the next several years. As the Chief Strategy Officer, I am very proud to share the thoughtful work of staff, members, and the board of directors that led to our 2022-25 Strategic Plan. 

With our guiding 2030 Moonshot goal of improving the quality of life for 12 million people living with serious illnesses, we have created a plan that focuses on our advocacy strengths to change our system of care for those with serious illnesses. It is clear that we have an exceptional window of opportunity for progress. Our goals below reflect the moment we are in and our focus for the next few years:

  1. Fix the Broken System: By 2025 Medicare and Medicaid will implement C-TAC core principles to support the patient and the unpaid caregiver throughout the serious illness journey. Example strategies include working with our state coalitions on advancing home-based palliative care through Medicaid programs and removing inequitable co-pays for advance care planning outside the annual wellness visit.
  2. Mobilize the Coalition: C-TAC’s diverse coalition of 190 member organizations and leaders are exemplars of our mission and influence lawmakers to act on our policy agenda. It’s their voice and stories from the frontlines that help to move policy.
  3. Fuel the Mission: C-TAC is funded through a diverse group of stakeholders and members fueling the work to reach these goals and our overall mission, keeping the patient and family caregiver at the center. 

These goals will guide C-TAC’s efforts to engage policymakers in issues pertaining to the systems serving people with serious illnesses and catalyze responsive action at the local, state, and federal levels. To get there, our plan will help us tap into three areas of opportunity for C-TAC: galvanizing our coalition to advocate alongside us; ensuring our culture and programs reflect equity for those most in need; and using our extensive networks to spread the word and help raise funds so that we can continue our important work.  

Thank you for everything you do to support C-TAC. Your support is critical for us to accomplish our goals, which will help people like me have better care and support during the most difficult time of one’s life. I look forward to meeting you all in person at our annual C-TAC Summit that will be in Washington DC on October 24 and 25. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me to get involved or learn more about our work at aparkhill@thectac.org

Presented by Alishia Parkhill, Chief Strategy Officer | C-TAC

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