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C-TAC Member Spotlight: Turn-Key Health, a CareCentrix® Company

Providing all Americans with serious illness, especially the sickest and most vulnerable, with high-quality, person and caregiver-centered care that aligns with their goals and values requires earlier engagement and support for the individual’s medical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs. Turn-Key Health, a CareCentrix company, offers payor and provider organizations a powerful solution to identify, engage, and deliver whole-person palliative care earlier and to more people than legacy delivery systems historically could, ensuring that seriously ill people and their loved ones receive the support they need.

Turn-Key Health takes a unique population health approach to home-based palliative care, blending compassionate care with technology to uncover, address and monitor unmet medical, emotional, and social needs for seriously ill people. Designed to easily implement, scale and integrate into existing care delivery systems, Turn-Key Health proactively identifies, engages and supports patients and caregivers to make healthcare decisions aligned with their goals and values. The results are an empowering extension of existing primary and specialty care systems that drive improvements in quality, utilization, and economic outcomes for payor, provider, patient, and family.

Turn-Key Health’s highly systematized clinical program uses formalized assessments embedded in a web-based platform, with local network partners delivering high-quality, expert-level palliative care at home in a standardized manner. Turn-Key Health provides a high degree of accountability and clinical supervision to ensure the consistent delivery of high-quality care, as well as robust reporting on clinical, financial, and demographic data on this high-risk population.

Given the alignment in their missions, Turn-Key Health is excited to join C-TAC in the drive for higher quality whole-person care for all.

“We are committed to providing evidence-based, scalable care for individuals and families managing a serious or advanced illness, and we look forward to collaborating with C-TAC to advocate for high-quality home-based palliative care,” said Terri Maxwell, Ph.D., General Manager and Chief Clinical Officer of Turn-Key Health. “It’s important for organizations moving toward value-based care to have high levels of care satisfaction reflected in the feedback of patients and caregivers.”

After launching in 2016 and growing nationally, Turn-Key Health was acquired by CareCentrix in 2020 to further advance its mission of supporting patients by addressing their clinical and non-clinical needs and making the home the center of care.

For more information about how Turn-Key Health is partnering with health organizations to provide more whole-person care to individuals with serious illness, visit the CareCentrix website. CareCentrix is also on social media:

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