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C-TAC CEO Looks Ahead: “It’s Time to Move Fast, Together”

Over the next three years, we’ll be taking a giant step toward our 2030 Moonshot. We’re setting a goal to change the largest funder of care for those with serious illness, Medicare and Medicaid.

By 2025 our priority is to ensure that Medicare and Medicaid adopt our Core Principles across every program that touches the lives of the person living with serious illness and their unpaid caregiver – especially under-served and under-resourced populations. 

Over time policy windows open and close, sometimes for decades. The Hospice benefit is a great example. It was developed in 8 years and has been implemented, largely unchanged, for 40 years now. 

Our 2021 Summit discussion, displayed the unprecedented level of action from faith communities at the local level, state action in Hawaii, and federal policy change with CMMI and others.

We have to act with urgency and in partnership. So we’re asking our members:    

1.) Do you have a program that illustrates one or more of the Core Principles? What makes your model work? What policy barriers are you running into that you’d like the leaders at CMS to know about?

2.) Do you have data on the patient and the unpaid caregiver’s experience of care?  Do you know patients or caregivers with powerful stories who’d be willing to share their experience? 

We’ve identified three priorities aligned with our 2025 goal to focus the collective efforts of our coalition:

  • Integration of CBO’s and other community partners to address the non-medical needs of patients and their unpaid caregivers
  • Supporting state innovation in care model design and Medicaid reform
  • ACP and improving communication among the patient, caregiver and trusted partners to ensure that care is aligned with the person’s values

Cutting across these topics is the issue of health equity, trends in value-based payment reform, and practical advocacy opportunities that you can take advantage of. 

Be sure to stay up to date on C-TAC’s progress as we move toward our three-year goal and moonshot. Our 2022 National Summit will exhibit the latest advancements across our field and convene leaders for a dynamic two-day event in Washington, DC on October 24-25, 2022.

Please reach out to us at info@thectac.org if you or anyone you know is doing work we should know about, that aligns with our three-year goal or policy agenda.

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