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CMMI Reaffirms Commitment to Those With Serious Illness While Cancelling SIP model

Yesterday, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that, after careful consideration, it will not move forward with the Seriously Ill Population (SIP) Component of the Primary Care First (PCF) Model.

The SIP component was designed to have advanced primary care practices, including providers whose clinicians are enrolled in Medicare and who typically provide hospice or palliative care services, coordinate care for high need, seriously ill beneficiaries. The explanation for not pursuing SIP was that the proposed outreach method, which was designed to comply with statutory beneficiary privacy protections, was unlikely to result in sufficient beneficiary enrollment to allow for model evaluation.

Dr. Purva Rawal, CMMI’s Chief Strategy Officer, was also on a panel yesterday that C-TAC CEO Jon Broyles moderated at a NASEM Roundtable on Quality Care for People with Serious Illness webinar. Dr. Rawal confirmed the Innovation Center is committed to testing interventions focused on improving care for seriously ill beneficiaries and, in fact, this Roundtable panel discussed various model options for this important population. As part of the Innovation Center’s strategy refresh, she said they will be exploring additional ways to serve these beneficiaries, whether through existing models or new model opportunities.

C-TAC is working with CMMI on ways to improve the care of those with serious illness and looks forward to providing more information as available.

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Written by: Marian Grant, C-TAC Senior Regulatory Advisor

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