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C-TAC Year in Review Spotlights 2021 Policy Actions

As the country continues to push through the COVID-19 pandemic and find a pathway to “normal,” the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) spent this past year in action. As a leading policy organization, we have made inroads among Congressional leaders and leaders at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in an effort to achieve our 2030 Moonshot goal of ensuring 12 million people living with serious illness have a high quality of life.  

C-TAC was not only at the table, but in conversation. Whether meeting virtually with members of Congress or building relationships with key leaders at CMS, C-TAC advocated on behalf of our coalition for patient- and family-centered care. Our policy actions indicate that we are gaining ground and have set C-TAC up for even more success in the coming year.  

Guided by our Core Principles for Care Models, C-TAC has worked with leaders on advanced care planning cost sharing, payment models, integrating community-based organizations in existing care models, and palliative care services. In line with recent developments from CMS, C-TAC also used this year to approach healthcare through a health equity lens, ensuring that high quality care is delivered regardless of your zip code. For more details on our legislative and regulatory work, please view the snapshot of our key policy actions in 2021.  

There are many promising actions on the policy horizons for C-TAC, and we will be collaborating with our coalition members to deepen and widen our advocacy. 

Click here for an outline of C-TAC’s 2021 policy actions.

Written by: Jennifer A. Blemur, Esq., C-TAC Director of Policy and Advocacy Health 

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