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Illinois Pediatric Palliative Care Benefit Highlighted During C-TAC Member Meet-up

By: Sarah Davidson, C-TAC Partnerships and Programs Intern

This August, C-TAC hosted its second Member Meet-Up where leaders from the Greater Illinois Pediatric Palliative Care Coalition (GIPPCC) discussed the state’s new Pediatric Palliative Care Benefit. GIPPCC works to increase access to compassionate, quality pediatric palliative care programs throughout Illinois, and this year GIPPCC’s advocacy efforts supported the passage of the Pediatric Palliative Care Bill (SB.2384). The Pediatric Palliative Care Bill makes community-based pediatric palliative care services more accessible to both patients and providers by creating Medicaid benefits for home-based services related to pediatric palliative care. Illinois’ progress exemplifies the sort of state-level efforts to increase access to community-based services that are supported by our policy agenda.

The virtual member meetup was led by GIPPCC leaders who offered key insights to the advocacy approach taken to support the Pediatric Care Bill, such as the importance of the parent-caregiver voice when engaging with stakeholders and ensuring quality communication between providers and policy makers. As a part of a diverse coalition, C-TAC members can be involved in the legislative process at varying points, and convening to share insights and perspectives across state-level efforts is a key component of how our movement can support advancements in policy impacting care for serious illness. Ken Sommer from the George Mark Children’s House from San Leandro, California was one of many C-TAC members who attended the Member Meet-up. After the call, Ken reflected on how the event impacted the George Mark Children’s House and the organization’s mission. 

“I found the discussion extremely interesting and worth my time, and as a pediatric palliative care provider in California, where no such legislation exists, this gave us hope that we could someday achieve this in our state.” 

– Ken Sommer, George Mark Children’s House

C-TAC’s interorganizational opportunities, like member meet-ups provide members with inside knowledge on how to create lasting, systems-level change through effective policy and advocacy efforts. To learn more about how C-TAC’s policy and advocacy efforts are aiming to transform care for serious illness, visit our website here.

For more information on GIPPCC and this exclusive members-only event, contact C-TAC Partnership Associate Director, Luke Scuitto at lscuitto@thectac.org

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