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C-TAC Strongly Supports CMMI’s New Vision

The new leadership at CMS and the Innovation Center, CMMI, just published a blog in Health Affairs laying out their new vision which is encouraging for those with serious illness and in line with C-TAC’s strategic plan and policy priorities.

First, we applaud CMMI for committing to making health equity the centerpiece of every model. It is no longer enough to just make sure models don’t worsen inequities, they need to actively overcome them. We also appreciate that models need to be more coordinated to avoid overlap, especially for the population of those living with serious illness. Overlap creates confusion, complexity, and measurement challenges. The agency’s renewed commitment to value-based care is also on target since that is the only way to pay for the range of services those with serious illness need and for the interdisciplinary team to deliver them.

We appreciate their acknowledgement that downside risk needs to be implemented via tools that empower corresponding changes in care delivery. We believe CMMI also needs to work with health systems and providers from minority communities to help them handle risk since many have been harmed from decades of lower payments and serving financially disadvantaged communities.

Finally, we agree with the broader goal of using models to drive innovation across the whole health care system, rather than just improving the cost or quality of a specific model. We will work with CMMI on our principles for existing and new models involving those living with serious illness and look forward, as the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care, to helping them truly transform health care in the future.

For more information on C-TAC’s policy and advocacy priorities, view our 2021 Policy Agenda here.  

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