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C-TAC Member Spotlight: Hucu.ai

Hucu.ai is committed to assuring that patients and their families receive truly patient-centered care. Founders Asif Khan and Laura McKee named Hucu.ai in 2018 from the Latin “Huc Curae” or “Care Anywhere” based on their experience both as healthcare professionals as well as consumers. “Atul Gawande’s book Being Mortal describes my frustrating and fragmented experience of the US Healthcare system,” said Laura McKee Co-Founder and COO. “Without Hucu.ai, particularly in chronic and palliative care, too much time is often wasted trying to track down relevant specialists, therapists, and others to assure continuity of care. The overwhelming flood of phone calls, faxes, emails, voicemails, sticky notes, and white board messages contributes to provider burnout. Especially in end of life situations, every minute counts and healthcare professionals need a simpler way to communicate and collaborate in providing care across settings. ”

Hucu.ai provides simple patient-centered messaging that allows users to securely share images, documents and other information all in the context of each patient. Professionals can easily collaborate within and across organizations, as easily as using popular next generation apps like WhatsApp or Slack. Plus, they can communicate in a separate Patient/ Family Chat and even conduct virtual telehealth visits. Hundreds of members of hospice organizations, therapy groups, physician/nurse practitioner practices, home health, skilled nursing and area agencies on aging are using Hucu.ai to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams. Hucu.ai’s HIPAA compliant solution can be launched to entire teams in minutes without any IT support.

As an agile, quickly growing company, Hucu.ai is able to partner with customers to continually improve the Hucu.ai app which is available in iOS, Android and on any web enabled device. Simple ideas, such as dynamic availability marking, realtime push notifications, custom patient flagging, navigation hashtags, and collaborator tagging have been built to their customers’ specifications. Hucu.ai has added Robotic Process Automation so that specific team members can be notified automatically when needed for a given patient, without having to even know who is on duty and what their contact number is. We also have real time acuity scores derived from common evidence-based industry standards so teams can instantly be on the same page about patient risk levels.

“I have always been committed to collaboration and improving care for seniors throughout my professional career, whether at GE Healthcare or at Caremerge, the EHR for senior living that I founded in 2013.” said Asif Khan, Hucu.ai Co-Founder and CEO. “With Laura’s experience providing direct care to the disabled population at Autism Home Support Services, we bring deep knowledge of the challenges of front line care. Hucu.ai is built to improve the quality of life of care-givers and patients alike. We are particularly proud of our analytics reporting capability which gives operators visibility into their team’s engagement as well as patient journeys and offers continuous improvement insights. We know that the best relationships are based on great communication and our customers are building strong referral and care networks supported by Hucu.ai.”

Hucu.ai won the AMDA Shark Tank award at PALTC 2021 and is one of few companies selected in the Mayo Clinic/ Arizona State University MedTech Accelerator.

For more information, visit Hucu.ai’s website and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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