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From Commitment to Action: Florida Palliative Care Coalition Launches

Our movement is the impetus for action to improve the lives of those living with serious illness around the nation. This was on full display in 2019, when Susan Ponder-Stansel, President and CEO of Alivia Care Inc., stood on the stage of the C-TAC Summit and committed to launching a state-wide serious illness coalition in Florida. Fast-forward to 2021 and the Florida Palliative Care Coalition has formally launched with a robust set of goals aimed at expanding palliative care throughout the sunshine state, including: 

  • Create a uniform definition of palliative care in Florida
  • Partner with the Florida Cancer Control and Research Advisory Council (CCRAB) and incorporate their goals related to standards and education 
  • Garner support for palliative care and the policies needed to: Expand access to hospice and palliative care
  • Advocate for the needs of those in the final phases of life

The launch of the coalition was marked by a two-day summit held in early June, which featured dynamic leaders in the serious illness field, such as C-TAC founder Bill Novelli. After three years of rigorous planning by a steering committee made up of representatives from three dozen organizations throughout the State, the coalition is prepared to shape the design and delivery of palliative care services in Florida.

The coalition’s mission to, “support and inspire the acceleration of solutions that promote better quality of life for Floridians living with serious…illness, through research, education, advocacy, and access to holistic healthcare” echoes C-TAC’s prioritization of implementing policies which expand access to holistic palliative care services. C-TAC’s 2021 policy agenda underscores our support for care and payment models that incorporate home-and community based serious illness management and non-medical social supports and services, including palliative care. We celebrate state-level efforts that advance our policy agenda, and applaud the leaders who have stepped up to fulfill a commitment that will undoubtedly spark change in other states, and change lives across Florida.

To learn more about the Florida Palliative Care Coalition, visit their website here.

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