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C-TAC Intern Spotlight: Lila Kirchhoff

Lila Kirchhoff is a rising senior at Hamilton College pursuing a B.A. in Public Policy and Anthropology. She hopes to combine her areas of study to tackle disconnects between healthcare policies and those most impacted by them. At Hamilton, Lila participates in a range of volunteer opportunities, the majority of which include working with individuals with developmental disabilities. She has joined the C-TAC team as a Partnerships and Program Intern and is excited to learn and get to work!

What initially interested you in C-TAC? 

My interest in healthcare policy, and advanced illness care specifically, stems from my mother, who studied palliative care and now works as a social worker at a local hospital. Through her, I became interested in the policy changes that hold the potential to drastically improve our current healthcare system. C-TAC’s work interested me because not only does the coalition focus on this necessary policy change, but it also includes so many organizations from across the sector in its efforts to do so. I believe that collaboration between organizations is an incredibly effective way to insight change, so C-TAC’s mission really stood out to me. 

What are three things you want to learn in your time here?

To start, I am eager to learn more about the policy work that C-TAC is engaging in, as well as the key policy issues in advanced illness care more broadly. Additionally, I want to learn about the different approaches through which related non-profits tackle matters of improving advanced illness care. Lastly, I want to learn about what the collaboration between C-TAC and its range of members looks like on a small scale level – that is, outside of the large events that C-TAC hosts.

What are you most looking forward to this summer interning at C-TAC?

I am most excited about familiarizing myself with healthcare policy more generally, as well as working with a team that is so knowledgeable about this field. I am really excited to get started in this field, and from what I’ve already seen, C-TAC offers an welcoming environment in which we are given the opportunity to learn from so many different people in the organization.

What is something everyone should know about you?

One thing that everyone should know about me is that I really enjoy working with others. I find that I do some of my best work when exchanging ideas with others, for collaboration allows for the expansion of ideas in a way that is less likely in individual work.

For more information on C-TAC’s intern program, please contact C-TAC’s Partnership Associate Director, Luke Scuitto at lscuitto@thectac.org

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