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C-TAC Intern Spotlight: Dominic Novelli

Dominic Novelli is an upcoming fourth year undergrad at the University of Minnesota seeking a political science major and a minor in environmental science. His focus is on state government and policy. Within these areas of study Dominic focuses on the manner in which social movements can affect policy, especially at the local and state levels, and food equity through distribution methods. He plans on working with local advocacy groups in order to help them better realize their goals. He has contributed to efforts to get college students to register and vote. Dominic is also a member of student political groups who try to enact change through raising awareness and putting pressure on the school board. His interests include bouldering, music, and creative writing. Learn more about Dominic and what he is looking forward to as in intern at C-TAC below!

What initially interested you in C-TAC?

My initial interest in C-TAC came from its mission of assuring quality healthcare for those who may otherwise not have access. The push for equity in healthcare C-TAC also reaches out to smaller groups which try to create political change, something that I have focused on in my studies and hope to be able to do in the future.

What are three things you want to learn during your time here?

The main thing I hope to learn from C-TAC is how to determine what groups to form partnerships with and more importantly how to maintain long term relationships with them. I am also looking forward to learning the specifics in the process of implementing legislation. Lastly, I hope to learn the intricacies of healthcare policy and legislation.

What are you most looking forward to this summer interning at C-TAC?

I am excited to have an opportunity in which I can work towards reforming an unjust healthcare system and to learn how individuals can congregate and effect material and meaningful change.

What is something everyone should know about you?

Something that I would like others to know about me is that I am a great listener and work best when I can collaborate and build off of ideas with others.

For more information on C-TAC’s intern program, please contact C-TAC’s Partnership Associate Director, Luke Scuitto at lscuitto@thectac.org

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