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C-TAC Intern Spotlight: Joanna George

Joanna is a graduate student in the MBA in Healthcare Delivery Sciences program at The University of Tulsa. She currently serves as an Albert Schweitzer fellow, a research and development intern with LUNA Counseling & Community Care and part of the Champions of Aging cohort for 2021. Her graduate focus includes researching the infrastructure and resources surrounding aging-in-place models within her community- an initiative shaped by her own experience in advocating for family members with chronic illness. This, combined with her role as a patient advocate for uninsured and native populations during the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, has influenced her deep appreciation for holistic care and osteopathic medicine. She hopes to continue her journey of advocacy and continual learning by working with underserved populations as an osteopathic physician. As an aspiring storyteller and proud Tulsan, Joanna enjoys collecting words, memories, and pictures of her local riverside skyline. 

What initially interested you in C-TAC? 

My interest in healthcare is shaped by my experience as a primary caregiver within my family, so understanding quality of life has continually been at the forefront of my own personal and professional development. I was first drawn to C-TAC by their person-centric focus and their dedication to advocating for vulnerable and under-served populations. I was also intrigued by the opportunity for further exposure to health policy, especially within the palliative and advanced care fields. I’m so excited to grow in my grasp of these concepts within this role!   

What are three things you want to learn in your time here?

As a policy intern, I am eager to learn more about the current actionable items and initiatives which are already occurring on a national scale within the Advanced Care and critical-illness arena. I’m also looking forward to learning through the diversity of C-TAC member organizations, and the unique approaches to addressing gaps in caregiver burden on a state level. Finally, I hope that my experience with C-TAC equips me with further insight in understanding the concepts of health and health advocacy, as well as practical skills in applying this knowledge towards ongoing healthcare crises. 

What are you most looking forward to this summer interning at C-TAC?

In my brief experience of C-TAC, I’ve already noticed so many incredibly knowledgeable individuals. I am most enthusiastic about fostering connections which enable me to learn from the vast and diverse experience of others within this coalition. 

What is something everyone should know about you?

That I seek to uphold the personhood and dignity of others in every aspect of my life, from daily experiences with caregiving to offhand interactions with strangers. By communicating this to others, I hope they feel safe in their conversations with me as well as welcome to challenge me when my actions do not accord with my ideals so that I can evolve in my enactment of this practice. I can also make a pretty decent vegan pumpkin pie, not to brag or anything. 

For more information on C-TAC’s intern program, please contact C-TAC’s Partnership Associate Director, Luke Scuitto at lscuitto@thectac.org

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  1. Rahab Muthoni Wambugu on May 11, 2021 at 8:59 pm

    Beautiful story, Joanna. Every thing you do for the people you care returns to you multiplied. Keep the good work Thank you so much.

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