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How Would You Spend $400 Billion?

A Note from C-TAC Executive Director Jon Broyles

The Moonshot goal, to ensure a high quality of life for 12 million people with serious illness by 2030, was conceived as a way to think and collaborate creatively to advance community models.

All around us, we are seeing once-in-a-generation windows open for long-term reform, from the COVID-19 pandemic to overdue conversations on racial injustice. With the infrastructure plan recently unveiled by the Biden-Harris Administration, which allots $400 billion to improve the way our nation delivers home- and community-based services (HCBS), we have another opportunity.

We believe that there are shovel-ready programs ready to transform serious illness care which need investment to scale up. We will be working with our members in the coming weeks to identify opportunities in the following C-TAC priority areas:

  • Supporting home-based care: Advocating for models and programs that deliver high-quality serious illness care in the home, capitalizing on the funding from the plan which focuses on shifting care for Medicaid beneficiaries from institutions to communities.
  • Integration of medical and non-medical supports: Addressing the complex clinical, social and emotional needs of people with serious illness.
  • Advance care planning (ACP): Boosting access to ACP in order to ensure that every person with serious illness has their voice heard and their wishes honored.
  • Seamless, 24/7 access to care: Supporting the expansion of telehealth and other tools that put high-quality care within reach for patients, when and where they need it.
  • Promoting health equity: Ensuring that any actions taken to boost access to care specifically address the needs of those who have been overlooked by our healthcare system, including caregivers who play an invaluable role in serious illness care.

C-TAC’s policy experts are monitoring this plan, working with our partner organizations and eventually our champions in Congress to advocate for legislation that takes a sledgehammer to the barriers that exist between medical and non-medical supports in serious illness care.

Share your recommendations with our team by emailing us at info@thectac.org. Your suggestions will be shared with our Policy & Advocacy team, who will incorporate them into our priorities for this plan.

Our issue is the second largest area of investment for this $2 trillion plan, illustrating that serious illness care is top of mind for our nation. Now is the time to join the conversation. Share your key priorities and help us shape a better future for serious illness care.
Jon Broyles
Executive Director, C-TAC

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