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C-TAC Member Spotlight: Koda Health

Do you know what kind of care your loved ones would want if they fell seriously ill right now? Although most people feel confident that they do, without clinical guidance, the likelihood that your choices match your loved one’s choices is only about 50%.

Engaging in Advance Care Planning conversations early (before patients get sick) helps them make more informed decisions, reduces family stress, and can actually increase the length and quality of peoples’ lives. Unfortunately, most providers avoid these conversations until a patient falls critically ill.

“In our six-months of dedicated clinical observation as Digital Health Fellows in the world’s largest medical center, not a single doctor brought this up – it’s the elephant in the room when you’re treating older patients” says Dr. Desh Mohan, Chief Medical Officer of Koda Health, “but most providers lack the time, training, and tools to engage in proactive care planning.” This disconnect results in poor patient and family satisfaction, unwanted healthcare utilization, and uncontrolled costs at the end-of-life.

At Koda Health, we’ve digitized the clinically and legally complex process of proactive healthcare planning. We make advance care planning conversations between providers and their patients easy and engaging, empowering people to speak confidently about their own healthcare preferences without interrupting physician workflow. Our proprietary platform first identifies a patients’ core values and quality of life preferences, so that videos and content can be tailored to create a truly relevant experience. Patients receive personalized content on topics such as life support and are able to explore their care preferences in the context of quality of life, identify a medical decision-maker, and generate high-value legal documents — Documents they can then access, share, and virtually notarize on our platform for free.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has widened socioeconomic disparities and access to healthcare, it also holds incredible potential for increasing the adoption of advance care planning. In an unprecedented cultural shift, the pandemic has brought previously alien terms like “ventilators” to the forefront of everyone’s minds and seniors have become more tech-savvy than ever before. Health systems have seen increased demand for advance care planning from patients, further highlighting the need for low labor solutions.

As new members of The Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), we are proud to be a part of a force that fights for access to proactive healthcare planning for anyone, anywhere. We believe that partnerships with provider groups, clinicians, and advocacy groups are key to the widespread use of advanced care planning and moving the needle in underrepresented populations. By digitizing the bulk of this conversation and removing financial barriers to access, Koda’s advanced care planning approach can serve as a low-labor, high-value addition to health systems seeking to improve the delivery of goal-concordant care.

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