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How C-TAC’s Moonshot will Ensure High Quality of Life for 12 Million People with Serious Illness

Bill Novelli is the Co-Chair and Co-Founder of C-TAC. To learn more about his new book, Good Business: the Talk, Fight, Win, Way to Change the World, click here.

Behind nearly every initiative in advanced illness, there is a personal experience. When Tom Koutsoumpas and I started the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), his mother’s and my father’s difficult end-of-life journeys were powerfully motivating. We set out to reform serious illness care In the U. S. and now, a decade later, we’re pleased to be moving forward.

Our progress is based on a great team and a strong alliance of some 160 organizations, including patient and consumer groups, health systems, medical professional associations, faith-based organizations, health insurance companies and hospice and palliative care groups. They all share our one great goal: that all Americans with advanced illness receive comprehensive, high-quality, patient-centered care that is consistent with their goals and honors their dignity.

But how do you get from personal stories to such a big goal? My new book, Good Business: the Talk, Fight, Win, Way to Change the World, is about just that: leveraging passion and purpose to tackle and tame major social problems. With the right people, sound strategies and relentless commitment, we can move mountains.

Just over a year ago, C-TAC’s Executive Director, Jon Broyles, translated our goal into a Moonshot – “Ensuring a high quality of life for 12 million people with serious illness by 2030.” We’re all in; now to fire our three-stage rockets:

  1. State and Community Support for new and existing coalitions across the country is essential. They connect clinical care with nonmedical services (transportation, meal delivery, housing) so those with serious illness and their caregivers can live more independently. By supporting community models we can assist service providers to work with one another. And access to telehealth, including palliative care consultation, which has expanded during the pandemic, is helping.
  2. Policy Advocacy is Rocket Fuel at state and federal levels. Working with our members, we pursue policy reform on delivery systems, health equity, professional workforce improvement and other areas that drive change throughout the country.
  3. Put Our Faith in Faith-based Groups so their trusted voices and deep roots into communities can support counseling and care. Our Interfaith Working Group is a pillar of our Coalition and exemplifies how faith leaders can lead positive social change.

As we’ve advanced our Moon Shot, we’ve become better story tellers. Tom’s and my personal stories are among many – from U.S. Senators talking about their parents… to caregivers expressing grief and newfound strength… to our board member, Shirley Roberson, telling how she  mustered the courage to educate her new physician on who she really is. Stories are powerful.

In Good Business I describe creating and nurturing great teams. From fighting the tobacco wars to leading AARP and many steps in between, I describe team work as essential to winning. That describes our C-TAC family. I’ve learned that talented people come together because they are inspired by great goals. And they stay together by staying true to their purpose. That’s why our Moon Shot will take us to success and make a real difference in people’s lives.

Bill’s new book, Good Business: The Talk, Fight, Win Way to Change the World, is now available for purchase.

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