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New C-TAC Podcast Offers Spiritual Perspective on Serious Illness

By: Ayush Thacker, Partnerships and Programs Intern, C-TAC

C-TAC is proud to announce the launch of “Health & Heart,” our new six-part podcast series designed to provide faith- and values-based education, support, and encouragement for people facing serious illness, caregivers and clinicians.  Episodes will be shared can be found on the C-TAC website and are available through Spotify.

The group includes over 100 national leaders of all community and faith leaders who work together to ensure that competent, coordinated, culturally-sensitive and diverse care is an integral component of the healthcare provided across all settings for those with serious illness, their family members and their caregivers.

The first season of this podcast will feature six episodes, released every Wednesday until March 3. Each installment features a key member of the Interfaith Working Group, speaking on their various endeavors in the serious illness care space. Check out our first episode below.

C-TAC is excited to feature the following speakers in our first season of Health & Heart:

Elder Angela Overton, Senior Advisor to C-TAC’s Interfaith Working Group, presents “While I’m Waiting,” subjective interpretation of Biblical text in light of COVID-19 and endured suffering amongst marginalized communities.

Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson, an assistant professor of social work at North Carolina State University and the founder of Heart Tones, an organization that provides bereavement services to caregivers, presents “Experiences of grief and loss and the amazing Grace of God through it all.”

Dr. Carole Ann Drick, a registered nurse with a private practice in Eastern Ohio called Conscious Awareness presents “The Power of Your Breath”. This episode includes empowering laypersons and professionals to implement mindfulness and selfcare throughout the workspace.

Shannan Hudgins, a bereavement coordinator for Baystate Hospice in West Springfield, MA, presents “Accumulated Losses – Sorrow’s Demand for Attention” as she dives deep into grieving for the loss of our loved ones, while incorporating short anecdotes of how we as humans encounter loss in our everyday lives.

Dr. Sheik Hassan, the former Vice Dean at Howard University College of Medicine and past president of the Islamic Medical Association of North America, presents “Reward for Sickness”. Dr Hassan explains the concept of worship in Islam and the fact that we are tested in many ways. He recites a personal event in his life and relates it to statements made by the Prophet Muhammad (Hadith) that sickness expiates sin.

Lastly, Rabbi Richard Address, founder and director of Jewish Sacred Aging and host of the weekly Seekers of Meaning podcast, presents “Contemporary Literature.” Rabbi Address analyzes three books on the relationship between medicine and religion: Old Man’s Country by Thomas R. Cole, Religion and Medicine by Jeff Levin, and Caste: The Origins Of Our Discontent by Isabella Wilkerson.

We encourage you to check out these episodes and learn more about these pertinent topics in serious illness care no matter your spiritual belief or identity, these podcasts are meant to offer you different paths toward kindness, peace of mind, and diverse understanding. We would also like to give special thanks to Elder Angela Overton for her guidance throughout the production process.

Click here to subscribe to Health & Heart on Spotify or visit the podcast page on our website to find new episodes each Wednesday. To learn more about C-TAC’s Interfaith Working Group, click here.

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