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Advance care planning, community-based services and care models are among the key policy priorities that C-TAC outlined in a letter sent to President Joe Biden’s transition team on Jan. 15.

In the letter, C-TAC explained that there are two overarching immediate issues which must be considered when developing policies that affect those with serious illness:

COVID-19: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated problems facing those with serious illness and changed the way that our health care system delivers services. A number of policy changes would help ensure that this population receives the care that they need. To that end, C-TAC calls on the Biden Administration to prioritize providers of home-and-community-based medical and social care for the distribution of vaccines, personal protective equipment and testing materials. C-TAC also urges the Administration to ensure that family members and caregivers can have safe in-person visits with their seriously-ill loved ones. Lastly, it is important to remove coverage and access barriers to Medicare advance care planning

Health care equity: The pandemic has shed light on long-standing racial inequities in our health care system. Addressing these issues and dismantling systemic barriers to high-quality care is at the center of our policy agenda. The Biden Administration can support this effort by removing financial obstacles to quality serious illness care, improve access to preventive care and chronic care management, boost diversity among caregivers of all kinds and allow people to play a larger role in designing the health and social care infrastructure in their own communities.

2021 Policy Priorities

In the letter, C-TAC also detailed five policy priorities on which we will focus our advocacy efforts in 2021:

  • Advance care planning
  • Community-based supports and services
  • Care and Payment Models
  • Workforce education and engagement
  • Family caregiver support

To learn more about the actions we are encouraging in each of these areas, read the full letter or visit our updated Policy & Advocacy page.

We look forward to working with the Biden Administration to implement solutions that support people with serious illness, especially the sickest and most vulnerable among us. We will be connecting with C-TAC members in the coming weeks and months to share policy updates and request input as we work together to create a more equitable healthcare system.

For more information about C-TAC’s legislative and regulatory efforts, please contact Policy & Advocacy Manager Davis Baird at DBaird@theCTAC.org.

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