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Video: Giving Thanks for Essential Workers with Rabbi Richard Address

At the conclusion of the 2020 C-TAC Summit, we welcomed Rabbi Richard Address to deliver a closing blessing that honored essential workers as well as our participants in the serious illness care movement. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, we would like to once again recognize those who have worked tirelessly on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic for months.

Rabbi Address, who serves as Co-Chair of our Interfaith and Diversity Workgroup. has developed a toolkit for supporting caregivers that is informed by Jewish teachings. This insightful toolkit is freely available on the C-TAC website. To access the toolkit, click here.

Rabbi Address is also the Founder of Jewish Sacred Aging, a forum for the Jewish Community which features resources and discussions that focus on the aging process.

This closing meditation, written by author Rabbi Ayelet Cohen and delivered by Rabbi Address, reads as follows:

“May the One who blessed our ancestors Bless all those who put themselves at risk to care for the sick
Physicians and nurses and orderlies
Technicians and home health aides EMTs and pharmacists
(And bless especially Chaplains, spiritual care workers, mental health workers)
Who navigate the unfolding dangers of the world each day,
To tend to those they have sworn to help.
Bless them in their coming home and bless them in their going out.
Ease their fear. Sustain them.
Source of all breath, healer of all beings,
Protect them and restore their hope.
Strengthen them, that they may bring strength;
Keep them in health, that they may bring healing.
Help them to know again a time when they can breathe without fear.
Bless the sacred work of their hands.
May this plague pass from among us, speedily and in our days.”

We’re excited to share that all of our Summit session recordings, as well as supplementary materials, are available on-demand for Summit registrants. To access all Summit content, click here.

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  1. Daniel Syme on November 25, 2020 at 12:33 pm

    Beautiful Richard! Have a great Thanksgiving!

    Dan Syme

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