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C-TAC is proud to have the support of Vynca as a sponsor of our 2020 Summit. Learn more about this virtual event, to be held from Oct. 27-30, by clicking here.

Vynca addresses critical unmet needs in end-of-life care by aligning two important factors: individual preference with individual care. We help individuals, their caregivers, and clinicians navigate the complex process of making choices for future care preferences, and ensuring they are honored. Any breakdown in this complex process results in medical errors, adverse events, unwanted healthcare utilization, and poor patient, caregiver, and clinician experience. By engaging and empowering everyone involved in the advance care planning process, Vynca ensures personalized end-of-life care can be provided to every individual, every time.

Our mission as it relates to serious illness

In 2020, the world is learning first hand about the importance of advance care planning. We’ve seen those with serious illness most impacted by COVID-19. While we still have a long battle ahead, more people are thinking about advance care planning. Our goal is to make this just a bit easier by providing education and resources digitally to help with the discussion, reflection of values, and the documentation advance care plans.

Why we support C-TAC and the Summit

It’s hard to believe that this is our 4th National Summit! This is one of our favorite conferences of the year, as it gives us an opportunity to see and hear from some of our clients, network with new and familiar faces, and hear from those who are taking an innovative approach and having a positive impact on serious illness care. It is also one of the rare opportunities to hear from not just healthcare organizations and providers, but also faith and community leaders, advocates, patients, caregivers and vendors, many times on the same panel. This cross-industry perspective is something that we rarely see at other conferences we attend.

Come meet with us!

Although we won’t be meeting with you face-to-face this year, come visit with us virtually.

Emelia Altschul – Director, Strategic Partnerships and Marketing

Charlotte Clarke – Analyst, Partner Growth & Strategy

Kasey Fox – Analyst, Partner Growth & Strategy

What you can expect at our booth

Don’t forget to stop by our booth where you’ll:

  • Learn how clients are leveraging technology to grow their advance care planning programs
  • Hear about how we are helping our clients respond to COVID-19
  • See our new services that help streamline and standardize the advance care planning process
  • Discover the clinical impact our clients are recognizing by implementing an advance care planning strategy
  • Meet new and ‘see’ familiar faces

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