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Why We Support the Summit: Grantmakers in Aging

C-TAC is proud to have the support of Grantmakers in Aging as a sponsor of our 2020 Summit. Learn more about this virtual event, to be held from Oct. 27-30, by clicking here.

Grantmakers In Aging (GIA) – a national membership organization of philanthropies – acts as a relevant and responsive network, resource, and champion, amplifying the voices of older people and issues of aging. Believing a society which is better for older adults is better for people of all ages, GIA seeks a just and inclusive world where older people are fully valued, recognized, and engaged in ways that matter. Supporting the C-TAC Summit is part of our investment in fostering a more equitable healthcare system that works for all with serious illness, especially the sickest and most vulnerable.

Over the past 38 years, GIA has evolved from a boutique affinity group into the only organization focused on philanthropy and aging. Our expanding constituency includes all types of foundations, corporate giving programs, philanthropy-serving organizations, and national aging organizations. GIA has acquired nationally recognized expertise through special initiatives in age-friendly communities, serious illness and end of life, rural aging, HIV and aging, and reframing the public discussion about aging.

GIA has led the Serious Illness & End of Life Funders Collaborative since 2017, bringing together more than 30 funders ranging from small, local, and family foundations to regional and national grantmakers with a shared commitment to improving the care of people with serious illness and their families and caregivers. Over the past 25 years, members of the collaborative have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to advance this critically important work. GIA is pleased to support C-TAC and the Summit and greatly appreciates our partnership over the last few years.

Booth Staff

Emily Baransy is Director of Operations and Program Development. Chat with her to learn more about GIA’s programs, webinars, and funder collaboratives.

Maria Gonzales Jackson is Director of Member Services and Knowledge Management. Chat with her to learn about becoming a GIA member and our Annual Conference.

What to Expect From Our Booth

We look forward to sharing more about GIA’s work. You can expect to learn: 

  • How we are championing aging, mobilizing support, funding, and action on aging issues
  • How we support a network of members and partners
  • How we are providing our members with resources, information, ideas, and tools
  • Information about joining GIA
  • Information about our webinar series, Conversations with GIA
  • Information about our special initiatives on complex care, rural aging, and HIV/AIDS and Aging

Website: GIAging.org
Twitter: @GIAging
Facebook: Grantmakers In Aging

Learn more about the C-TAC Summit, to be held virtually from Oct. 27-30, 2020, please click here.

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