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Georganne Vartorella, M. D., is a board-certified physician of internal medicine and a patient advocate. After a successful practice in primary care, she advocated for both her parents through long, difficult terminal illnesses. Traveling with her mother through her end-of-life journey, Georganne was disheartened to learn how broken the healthcare delivery system had become.

After this experience, Vartorella was discouraged and left wondering: “If, as a physician, I found navigating healthcare for my parents so challenging, how does everyone else do it?” Determined to turn what she’d discovered into an opportunity for positive change, she focused her expertise, medical training and institutional knowledge of how the healthcare system works on patient advocacy. In 2016, Vartorella founded Patient Advocacy MD, LLC to make a difference for others.

Patient Advocacy MD provides a wide range of advocacy services to families, individuals and organizations including healthcare systems, concierge health providers, human resources teams, employers managing healthcare benefits, insurance providers and brokers as well as law firms with multiple areas of expertise and specialty.

“Between all of these groups there is, all too often, a lack of coordination, communication and information sharing,” Vartorella says. “In exceptional situations that fall outside of standard care paths-which are not uncommon-the diagnosis, treatment and wishes of patients become obscured by the complex process itself.” The mission of Patient Advocacy MD is to bridge those gaps, meet those needs and build necessary trust.

“Today we are blessed with the best technology, analytics and actuarial data to advance state of the art, patient-centered healthcare delivery,” she continues. “However, at the top levels of the decision-making machinery, a patient advocate with medical training and knowledge is essential to build that trust, mitigate risk and optimize access and outcomes. It’s good policy. It’s good health.”

Vartorella believes that working together with C-TAC and the clients Patient Advocacy MD serves will help reestablish the trusted bond between providers and patients. “I look forward to working with C-TAC to advocate for mutual respect and meaningful dialogue,” she says. “We should promote meaningful discussions around every family’s dining table about their shared values, goals and wishes for health and wellness as well as advanced and end-of-life care.”

To learn more about Patient Advocacy MD, contact georganne@advocacymd.com and visit our website at www.advocacymd.com.

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