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Provided by the Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization:

The Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization seeks to support quality, ethical hospice care through education, advocacy, and regulatory awareness. For 35 years, TNMHO has been a guiding resource for hospice providers – a community for professionals across hospice disciplines. “We are here to see that hospice – the hospice movement – succeeds. We are not a watchdog agency, but rather a partner for the success of ethical hospice care,” says TNMHO Executive Director Larry Farrow.

Within the ever-evolving world of hospice care, TNMHO is a collective voice for the wide variety of providers. Whether for-profit or nonprofit, large or small, we are “all hospice, all the time” and focused on practical solutions to common challenges. “Short lengths-of-stay, increased regulatory scrutiny, labor shortage, and the continued drive towards meaningful outcomes measures – these are issues that we wrestle with frequently,” says TNMHO Board President Chad Higbee. Harnessing the power of community and finding a collective voice is what drives our connection with hospice providers.

TNMHO is also a powerhouse in hospice training and education. Through an annual conference, specialty seminars, webinars, and an online training library, we make it easy for hospice professionals to keep their skills and knowledge sharp. Our education committee, comprised of staff, member hospices, and volunteers, considers member needs before planning conference speakers and seminars. Members also have the option to subscribe to an all-inclusive training package – an affordable way to keep up with CEUs, CNEs, and onboarding new hires.

Regulatory affairs is another important function and we are proud to have a dedicated governmental liaison on staff. Maintaining lines of communication with state regulators enables us to provide accurate, timely information to providers and represent the hospice community when legislation is under consideration.

“It’s so important for all of us to be well-informed. We all need help in keeping our teams on top of the unrelenting change coming our way,” says Higbee. “The more that we give this gift of hospice and bring comfort to those at the end of their lives, the more we will continue to have collective, positive outcomes in our healthcare continuum.” For more information about TNMHO, please visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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