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Qianmo Xing joins C-TAC as a Database and Research Intern. Qianmo recently finished his Masters in Economics from Georgetown University, and he will be working this spring on our research efforts related to caregiving. Learn more about Qianmo by reading his story below, in his own words:

Caregiving in my home country is very different from the U.S. As a labor intensive country with a large and dense population, we have a lot of hospitals, doctors, nurses and nursing houses.

My grandma was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease when I was 5 years old. At first, my aunt’s family stayed with my grandma and took care of her. I visited her with my parents once a month, though she could not tell who we were. Later, her disease got progressively worse and she always forgot the way back to her own house. My aunt and father decided to send her to a nursing house at the age of 80. Nursing homes in China are affordable for most middle-class citizens, costing approximately $1,000 per month in the year 2000. Caregiving from the hospital was also inexpensive at that time, even without insurance. She spent 4 years at the nursing home with other older adults and received professional everyday care, including three meals a day and regular examinations by doctors.

After I came to the US, I took a course called “Health, Aging and Insurance Markets.” I learned the relationship between health insurance and economics, my major. I also learned about healthcare in the U.S., commercial health insurance, the Affordable Care Act, Medicare and Medicaid. I’m interested in healthcare data analysis. I would like to know more about providers in the healthcare industry, the mechanism of caregiving, as well as how organizations and societies help people who have advanced illness.

Join us in welcoming Qianmo to the team!

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