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C-TAC is excited to introduce our newest team member, Kenny Rakwong, who is serving as our Database, Operations and Research Intern. Kenny was born in Thailand but raised in Northern Virginia. He is currently a junior attending George Mason University studying Information Systems and Operations Management with a minor in Business Analytics. Kenny discovered his interest in technology due to its capability of making our lives easier, its exponentially fast growth rate, and its capability of retrieving information from data that could be used to be more efficient.

Some of Kenny’s interests include humanitarianism and volunteer work. Over the past two months, he has been volunteering at Miriam’s Kitchen located near George Washington University where he helps to prepare meals for the homeless in efforts of ending chronic homelessness in DC. He believes that it is important for a strong society to take care of those that are struggling in their weakest moments. Learn more about Kenny below.

What initially interested you in C-TAC?

What interested me about C-TAC was the opportunity to work at a small but efficient non-profit organization. This would allow me to delve and get involved in many different fields such as policy, advocacy, research, and outreach work, allowing me to sharpen my skills in numerous areas. I’d also love to be able to attend events such as the Summit Program and be able to network with healthcare leaders, policy makers, and consumer advocates in efforts to spread advanced illness care solutions. I’m passionate about the mission of making sure that all Americans living with advanced illnesses receive quality advance care, so being on a team with educated and passionate colleagues would teach me a lot while allowing me to make an impact with the work I do.

What are three things you want to learn in your time here?

As someone who’s coming from a for-profit organization, I’m really excited to learn about the work that goes into running a nonprofit such as fundraising and grant writing work. I’d also like to get more of a hands-on learning experience on database work with cleaning, running reports, and inputting data. Lastly, I’m excited to learn about the healthcare field with a niche in policy and advocacy initiatives.

What is something everyone should know about you?

In my free time, I enjoy doing humanitarianism and volunteer work. I’m very passionate about giving back to my community and taking care of those that need extra help. These past few months I’ve been volunteering at Miriam’s Kitchen located near George Washington University where I help prepare meals for the homeless in efforts of ending chronic homelessness in DC.  I’d love to discuss about more philanthropic opportunities in the DC area to give back to our community.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

If I could make one change in the world, I would have every child receive an education. I feel this is the best way to deal with the multitude of global issues that we face today as well as allowing them to learn the skills to escape the cycle of poverty.

What do you think are important strategies for public engagement in the realm of palliative care and serious illness?

I believe in order to receive public engagement for palliative care and serious illnesses is to better educate the general public. An important strategy would be conducting panel discussions at scientific and business conferences to inform people about the weaknesses in our healthcare system in supporting those with advanced illnesses. Another strategy would be educating graduating students at academic institutions on the opportunity of getting involved in the healthcare sector after college. This would allow more people working towards the mission and achieving our goal more quickly and efficiently.

How does advanced care and the nonprofit world inspire you and how do you plan to advance it into the world?

Advanced care inspires me because the vast majority of Americans will encounter advanced illnesses at some point in their life so it’s important that a mission-driven nonprofit is conducting research, finding solutions, and spreading awareness. I will be doing my part in advancing it into the world by better educating myself on the topic and enlightening those around me on the issue.

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