2020 Call for Sessions
National Summit on Advanced Illness Care


Hyatt Regency Dallas
Dallas, TX
October 28-30, 2020

The National Summit gathers a diverse set of leaders - including payers, providers, health systems, entrepreneurs, foundations and advocates - to generate solutions that will change the reality of advanced care for millions of Americans. 

We are looking for session proposals in the following topic areas. Everyone is encouraged to submit a proposal. Submissions are open to the public, regardless of membership status.

Submission Deadline: January 24, 2020

Submissions and questions:  Please email Proposals@TheCTAC.org

Topic areas for session proposals:

Public Engagement (Consumer messaging, family caregivers, mobilizing campaigns)

Public Policy (Payment models, state barriers and business cases)

Professional Engagement (Training and guidance for care providers)

Faith Leadership (Models of care for faith communities, empowering faith leaders to support patients and caregivers in their congregations)

Building Coalitions (Best practices, wins and cautionary tales)

Best Practices (Strategies for improving quality of life for patients and families)