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The application deadlines are fast approaching for the new Primary Care First (PCF) & Direct Contracting (DC) payment model demonstrations from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) (PCF deadline is 1/22/20; DC deadline is 2/25/20). These models represent a unique opportunity for providers that care for seriously ill and chronically complex patients and families to participate in a value-based demo that can improve care for these vulnerable populations.

Hosted jointly by C-TAC, the American Academy of Home Care Medicine, and the National Partnership for Hospice Innovation, this webinar featured experts from across the complex care continuum breaking down key components of both PCF and DC. Special attention was paid to the important considerations practices from the hospice, palliative, and home-based primary care fields should account for when assessing their interest in these models and preparing a compelling application. Topics covered included taking on risk, practice management, partnership strategies, and more.


• Brad Stuart, MD, Chief Medical Officer, C-TAC • Eric DeJonge, MD, Chief of Geriatrics, Capital Caring Health & Immediate Past President, Academy of Home Care Medicine

• John Richardson, Chief Strategy Officer, National Partnership for Hospice Innovation

• Michael Lipp, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

• Pauline Lapin, Director, Seamless Care Models Group (SCMG), CMMI at CMS

• Meghan Elrington-Clayton, Director, Division Financial of Financial Risk, SCMG, CMMI at CMS

• Corey Rosenberg, Direct Contracting Co-Model Lead, SCMG, CMMI at CMS

• Sibel Ozcelick, Front Office Advisor, SCMG, CMMI at CMS

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