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We are excited to welcome MIDEO® (MInformed Decision on VidEO) and the Institute on HealthCare Directives to our growing coalition as members of C-TAC. 

The Institute on HealthCare Directives’ mission is to serve patients, consumers and health care systems by developing safe and effective processes for advance care planning (ACP). These processes are designed to ensure patient safety by allowing the patient’s voice to be heard through the completion of documents and materials which can be interpreted by clinicians, making it easier for patients to receive the Goal Concordant Care they want and we seek. 

One of the tools developed by the Institute on HealthCare Directives is MIDEO®, a cutting-edge ACP platform which uses ID cards and medallions that connects to a scripted video recording in seconds, in which a patient can share their care preferences. Hearing a patient’s wishes, in their own voice, can prevent what MIDEO® creator Ferdinando Mirarchi, D.O., refers to as “medical stranger danger.” 

The videos are typically 45-90 seconds long and can clarify a patient’s initial intentions, how they should be treated when critically ill or when at End-of-Life and who clinicians can contact for more information. 

“In scripted video,” Mirarchi explained, “we can transform layperson intentions into medical understanding and assurance of informed consent thus allowing for more effective and safer communication.” 

The MIDEO ACP Platform is supported by TRIAD (The Realistic Interpretation of Advance Directives) research, which has shed light on the challenges that can come with understanding living wills and Physicians Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) forms. The TRIAD VIII study revealed that Patient-to-Clinician Video is an evidence-based solution which can make sure that ACP documents are understood, patient wishes are honored, so as to achieve the Holy Grail of Goal Concordant Care. 

Mirarchi would like to raise awareness of the TRIAD VIII research to promote use of scripted video technology tools like MIDEO® to make sure that patients receive the care they want, when and where they want it.

We are proud to count MIDEO® and the Institute on HealthCare Directives among our membership and look forward to working with them in support of our mission to ensure that all Americans with advanced illness receive comprehensive, high-quality, person- and family-centered care that is consistent with their goals and values and honors their dignity.  To learn more about the Institute on HealthCare Directives, please click here. To learn more about MIDEO click here.

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