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C-TAC submitted comments this week on a proposed rule regarding changing aspects of the nondiscrimination aspects of some health care regulations. While intended to simplify administrative burden and cost, some provisions raised concerns that they could erode the rights of vulnerable patient populations like the LGBTQ community and people with lower English proficiency.

C-TAC pointed out that we are a large and diverse coalition advocating on behalf of those with advanced illness, which is large and increasingly diverse population in regard to ethnicity, spiritual practices, culture, and gender identity. We noted that the proposed changes could include eliminate the general prohibition on discrimination based on gender identity, as well as specific health insurance coverage protections for transgender individuals; eliminate the provision preventing health insurers from varying benefits in ways that discriminate against certain groups, such as people with HIV or LGBTQ people; and weaken protections that provide access to interpretation and translation services for individuals with limited English proficiency. We therefore suggested that the rule be revised to ensure that those with advanced illness, and their families, continue to receive all the protections and opportunities possible to achieve their personal goals, live their values, and attain their best health and quality of life.

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