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The C-TAC team prepares a birthday for five-year-old Nehemiah, as part of our Summer of Service.

By: Jina Park, Development Intern, C-TAC

C-TAC’s first Summer of Service kicked off at the Community of Hope which is a nonprofit organization assisting vulnerable families struggling with homelessness or health issues. Community of Hope was chosen for C-TAC’s Summer of Service because of their large effort in healthcare, providing 56,000 healthcare visits in 2018. Additionally, they also housed 1,159 families and stably housed 99% of people in 2018. 

Our volunteering effort was focused on organizing a birthday party for Nehemiah, who turned five years old. Luke, Sage and I wanted to create a fun and engaging birthday party so we brought games such as Twister, snacks, fun construction-themed decorations and Georgetown Cupcakes provided by Gina, a co-intern. 

The best part was seeing Nehemiah’s reaction to his Spider-Man birthday card, which was signed by the C-TAC team. Another highlight was seeing Nehemiah and his friends having fun with the games provided–it reminded me that the small things really do matter. Thanks to the Community of Hope, Nehemiah and his family can have assistance and safety while looking for long-term housing. The first C-TAC Summer of Service was a success and there are many more to come!

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