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Apple CEO Tim Cook has praised When Breath Becomes Air, a memoir written by neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Kalanithi after being diagnosed with lung cancer, as the “best book on re-examining life and values.”

NBC reporter Dylan Byers recently asked six innovators to share their summer reading recommendations in his newsletter. Apple’s top executive added When Breath Becomes Air to the list, which was also highlighted in a story published by Inc.

In his memoir, Dr. Kalanithi shares his experience as a medical student, his work as a neurosurgeon at Stanford, as well as the challenges of confronting his mortality and finding out the meaning of a virtuous and meaningful life.

The memoir’s epilogue was written by his wife, Dr. Lucy Kalanithi, a physician at the Stanford University School of Medicine who also serves as a member of C-TAC’s Board of Directors. She also shared a story of life lessons she has learned from their daughter on a new podcast, titled “Meditative Story.”

For more information about When Breath Becomes Air, click here.

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