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Member Spotlight: Hospice of the Valley

Hospice of the Valley’s (HOV) mission is to “bring comfort and dignity as life nears its end.” Since 1977, HOV has provided hospice care and support to the community in greater Phoenix, AZ . As a not-for-profit organization, no one is ever turned away due to lack of insurance or ability to pay. Currently, HOV cares for more than 4000 patients and their families each day across all programs. Hospice of the Valley’s mission has never wavered over the last 42 years and has led to continual innovation and programs that meet newly identified and emerging needs.

In addition to hospice, program offerings include an interdisciplinary home-based palliative care program, the Palliative Care for Dementia program which provides clinical care and psychosocial support to caregivers of those with dementia, a home-based primary care practice and a transitional care program which provides a “tuck-in” including medication reconciliation and health coaching the night individuals are discharged from acute care. HOV also offers pediatric programs including hospice, pediatric palliative care, a perinatal program providing birth planning for parents.

In 2018 Hospice of the Valley received the Circle of Life award from the American Hospital Association in recognition of their innovative and sustainable model of palliative care delivery.

Two additional areas of focus at HOV are education for future practitioners and supporting innovation in the field. Palliative Care Fellowships for physicians and nurse practitioners are supported by Hospice of the Valley in partnership with several local health systems. Additionally, a palliative care fellowship for non-providers was established in 2018 and provides grant support to foster innovation in the care of persons with dementia. Lastly, through a partnership with Arizona State University, a four-course undergraduate Certificate in Hospice and Palliative Care is now available for students across ASU.

Across all programs, partnerships, and offerings, one thing stays constant — Hospice of the Valley aims to bridge the gaps in the healthcare system to meet the needs of the community they serve. Collaboration, innovation, and “Thinking Yes” are all fostered across the organization.

“Personalized, patient-centered care is vital throughout the course of serious illness,” says Debbie Shumway, Executive Director. “Innovative programs and partnerships help Hospice of the Valley ensure that care can be provided, no matter where someone is in their journey.”

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