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Member Spotlight: Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest

At Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest (PNW), our vision is a future when everyone receives care that honors their values and preferences at the end of life.

Developed as a joint initiative between the Washington State Hospital Association and the Washington State Medical Association, Honoring Choices PNW uses a variety of approaches – from community engagement to physician education to legislative advocacy – to inspire conversations about the care people want at the end of life.

In the past three years, Honoring Choices PNW has:

  • Partnered with 51 teams in health care and community organizations;
  • Certified over 220 facilitators to have individual and group conversations and 37 instructors to train and mentor those facilitators;
  • Documented nearly 4000 conversations;
  • Reported inclusion of the health care agent in 49% of individual conversations and 15% of group conversations;
  • Been recognized by Respecting Choices as a leader for “excellence and innovation in statewide collaboration.”

We help the public make informed decisions about end of life care; we help organizations discuss, record, and honor end of life choices. Importantly, we are a philanthropic endeavor so all who want to create the future with us, can.

You can find out more about Honoring Choices PNW on our website. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@HCPNW), join us on Facebook (@HonoringChoicesPNW), or connect directly with us!

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