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C-TAC Policy Updates & the 2018 Midterm Election Results

Advocating for federal and state policies to ensure access to the highest quality advanced illness care for all Americans is central to C-TAC’s mission and vision. Since our inception, C-TAC senior staff have worked with a broad, bipartisan group of lawmakers in pursuit of our legislative goals and have made great progress to that end.

On Tuesday, the power structure in Washington shifted. In the Senate, Republicans will maintain control and will gain seats; in the House, Democrats will have a thin majority in the 116th Congress. We are pleased to report that the bipartisan Members of Congress supportive of our policy priorities either were not up for re-election or maintained their seats. We congratulate them on their victories.

Going into the next Congress, health care will likely be a central focus particularly given that it ranked the highest priority for voters in the election. C-TAC will be working closely with a bipartisan group of congressional members to ensure that our priorities – payment for advanced illness care services, workforce development, public engagement, and more – are a key component of these health care legislative efforts.

Learn more about the midterm elections and their implications for the advanced care movement during a webinar with C-TAC Senior Policy Advisor Andrew MacPherson and Senior Regulatory Advisor Marian Grant at 12 PM ET on Monday, Nov. 19.

For more information on C-TAC’s policy and advocacy efforts, please click here.

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