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The National Summit Leaps Out of the Beltway

This week, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC) held our fifth Annual National Summit on Advanced Illness Care at the Hilton Denver City Center. This unforgettable event brought together more than 400 healthcare leaders, including providers, policymakers, health systems, payers, employers, academics, and consumer and patient advocates. This year’s Summit was our first outside the beltway and highlighted a watershed moment for the C-TAC community.

Since we met last November, C-TAC and our partners have been busy driving groundbreaking evidence-based alternative payment models through the HHS, helping drive the enactment of numerous legislative and regulatory items, and launching a pilot to test the uptake of caregiver resources in the Hispanic faith community. Moreover, in designing this year’s Summit, we set out to listen and we’re so grateful for your input and guidance — the gains we’ve made this year (and the impact of our partnerships) have been nothing short of extraordinary. Check out the toolkit and photos from the event below:

C-TAC thanks all of our speakers for their participation and support. Your dedication to our work continues to propel the advanced illness care reform movement forward. Plenary speakers included:

As we said last year, the change we seek doesn’t happen solely Washington, and this Summit gave us the opportunity to demonstrate support for the work being completed on-the-ground, in communities, by physicians, patient advocates, and local leaders. The sessions at this year’s Summit were specially designed to help us understand the needs of those working to implement the transformational programs at the heart of our shared vision, as well as what the C-TAC community needs to do to enhance and expand these efforts.

The trends we noticed throughout the year were confirmed by the conversations we had at the Summit. Our community seems less concerned about the why of advanced illness care (why invest, why now) and more focused on the how (how do we do this faster and in a more person-centered way). This year, the Summit allowed us to: 

  • Identify barriers and opportunities in practice and public policy to spreading advanced illness care solutions
  • Review best-practices in empowering family caregivers to make informed decisions
  • Showcase regional and community opportunities for care transformation
  • Vet measures of success (state and national) for care transformation

These goals guided everything at this year’s Summit, from plenary and breakout sessions to our pilot lab sessions, in the process reinforcing the National Summit as the only event of its kind. We are highly encouraged by — and grateful for — the massive support we received this week and have already begun to schedule programming for next year’s National Summit in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Be sure to mark your calendars for October 9-11, 2019. We’ll see you in Minneapolis!

Check our toolkit for materials from the Summit over the next few weeks and contact Allan Malievsky (amalievsky@theCTAC.org) with any questions.

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